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The Glen High School

One of the most awesome and exciting thing about this project was the fact that I was giving a presentation to my former High School.

The Glen High School

Personal Note: There is nothing awesome as your former School giving acknowledgement to the career that you chose to venture into. I’ve got to thank Mrs Lesley Van Vollensteen, my Visual Arts teacher. All my other teachers whom I did my subjects with for Sepedi, English, Accounting, Maths Literacy, Business Studies, Life Orientation.


Personal Note: The atmosphere was vibrant, the students know how to fully describe their work and as for me having to explain what visual art is and how the art industry is situated wasn’t difficult for them to understand. I must say they are well taught and truly invested into their craft.


Personal Note: Personally I was very impressed with their hard work. Some students have managed to push the size of their artworks in which it made the whole exhibition appealing. Each and every learner has touched a different topic as well as using different mediums.

Personal Note: This exhibition was also loud in terms of colour, and I can understand because every learner was creating out of their own ideas.

Thank you for your time.